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Create your own website, blog and online store in 5 steps

WebSite X5 Evolution V15.0 15.0 DownloadMix-Wertung

WebSite X5 Evolution 14 - A consumers' solution for creating professional websites, blogs and online shops

Evolution 14 of WebSite X5 was launched in October 2017 with several new features which depict and consider the users' feedback given for previous versions. Incomedia's aim was to focus on usability, graphics and performance. The dev-team launched a software product, with which it was never easier to create such good-looking websites and professional online shops for consumers.

Evolution 14 features at a glance: >
· Create responsive sites >
· Custom templates >
· Galleries, tables, e-mail forms, guestbooks, product catalogues, HTML code, search >
· Schedule blog posts >
· Basic online store >
· Search engine optimisation >
· Online control panel

Specialities of WebSite X5 Evolution 14

As the upper-class consumer version of Incomedia's new WebSite X5 14, Evolution 14 offers everything consumers need to create their own professional and outstanding website. The obvious advantages of WebSite X5 are the step by step introduction into the space of programming. The Evolution version includes extended functions for search engine optimisation as well as responsive web design. No matter what device the user is on, the website will adjust its layout and position to the respective device.

Whether the user wants to create a blog or originating an online shop, Evolution 14 has the tools to make the construction look so easy. Start from scratch by using the Drag & Drop Builder for the page creation. It allows you the chance to place textboxes, images, slideshows and many more elements straight into the position you want.

Major update in usability

With the target to make WebSite X5 14 easier and simpler to understand than ever, Incomedia optimised their established five step creating process. With version 14, the user can choose a template before starting a new project without having to change the standard settings.

Furthermore, it is the template editor which the developers changed to make things easier for the user. From now on, the template editor contains a multi-selection tool and a grid which sticks to its position. The alignment and position of objects can now be navigated by operator controls. It will be more comfortable for the user to create professional headers and footers. Moreover, there is a mobile-adjusted element management which adapts itself to every display format.

Coming to the data protection, the backup management is easy to handle. The user will get a push-notification, when there will be a new backup copy that should be done by the user. Another brand-new addition and a well thought out feature is the handy deletion of old backups.

Graphics and styles for individual and responsive websites

A huge advantage of WebSite X5 is the usage of elements as objects. Now it is possible to perform this step by using the navigation menu and to include this menu in any template and subpages. The fact that the page links of the sitemap get created automatically did not change, but all in all, the user will have many different opportunities to create his own style of website. With the new structure of templates, you yourself can decide where you want to access the menu. This lets the user test the new layouts. To continue the modern style of WebSite X5 14, variable display formats will be supported to ensure an outstanding usability no matter what device you use.

Another feature introduced by Incomedia is the new and personalisable stickybar. It operates as a flexible menu bar that enables the user the possibility to have access to the menu from everywhere on the website. What is more is the fact that it is fun to plan and play with the new styles and mouseover effects.

To build clean-cut websites for every business on your own, you now have access to 200 brand new templates in addition to the previously available and completely renewed ones. With that said the fitting website can be refined individually. WebSite X5 14 guarantees their customers to be secure that not only their templates, but also the whole software is up to date and matches high-standard quality.

In version 14, the ShowBox was renewed and now the user can switch between zoom, full screen mode and transitions. Looking at the online stores, the dev-team also released an update with the objective to be able to maximise the small indicators used with the ShowBox.

Speaking about modern websites, parallax effects and horizontally arranged bars which fill the whole browser window are some of the eyecatchers for website visitors.
Website X5 14 draws on the visitors' perspective and lets the user provide the possibility to try different effects and bar designs which can be customised with colours, images, videos, slideshows and cards. To create a dynamic website, the user will be able to place an overlay effect to complete his editing.

The version 14 contains new graphic options for e-mail forms, which are irreplaceable in website construction. The requirements on forms are following: have an appealing design and help the customer to decide whether to contact the website owner. That is another area, Website X5 14 dealt well with because of the fact that a change of parts and controls is available for the user.

The time were the user was only able to use several fonts is gone. Web fonts can now be used and their usability was optimised with the new version 14 of WebSite X5. The only thing the user should do to use his favourite font is to download it from Website X5 and choose the font from the list.

Further improvements address the style of the cover image for advertising campaigns. The cover image automatically fills to the size of the browser window. Other components of the page can be faded in by using effects while scrolling down. Another new addition to WebSite X5 are the renewed settings for the text editor concerning the line spacing. In order to change your text layout, you now can use separator lines and blank spaces before and after paragraphs. On top of that, with version 14, the user can assign a standard font which then could easily be used in all the website texts with one mouse click.

To link further information, it now is possible to insert a link on an object's description. To support the modern style of the version 14, the width of the header and footer can be adjusted to the browser width. Graphical options paired with a new accept button help to fit the Cookie message bar into the remaining parts of the website. Another useful improvement is to adjust the title object to the resolution of a smartphone display. The rebuilt graphics editor comes with new frames and masks. The combination of the new graphics editor and the various shapes available in the objects styles collection enables the best possible online presence with only a handful of mouse clicks.

More performance for websites, online shops and blogs

Regarding online shops, it is very important to guarantee an ideal organisation and smooth procedures. To ensure that, Website X5 14 implemented new functions to register and create a customer account that saves the users' details such as invoice and delivery to accelerate their next orders. Therefore, the dev-team implemented one new and one renewed object. The new one is the "order list". Now the customer always has access to his past orders with the date processed. The renewed one is the "product list" with new graphics for a more efficient and appealing detail view of the products. Another new feature is the export of a complete customer list of the users that registered as a CSV file. The benefit at this is first a much faster emailing to the customers and second a much better scheduling of campaigns. All in all, with the release of WebSite X5 14, Incomedia focussed on the improvement of the e-commerce section.

To be honest, every website operator has the aim to be found in the World Wide Web. Therefore, it is beneficial to reach a good rank concerning search engines. One of the best opportunities to snap one of the top spots at Google is to run a blog with unique and newsworthy content. The dev-team of WebSite X5 14 has made up its mind and created blog-specific functions. Some of the new blog features are a tiled detail view, different organised windows and many more graphical options.

The blog homepage is showing the latest posts as a feed, and the tiled detail view includes one tile for each post with a customisable cover image. There are various options for the size, position and layout. Users will be able to get a detailed view on their postings and have more options than ever to change the graphics of their blogposts. Besides, the lateral scrollbar now is movable. If you scroll down, it will stay at the edge of your display and let you have access to scroll up and down with one click on the display. Belonging to the tiled posts, the blog operators will be able to show their important posts either in a slideshow or as titles. Regarding the interaction with their followers, blog operators now have the chance to maintain the users' comments in the blog itself or in the guestbook by using Facebook and Disqus.


As well thought out as the previous versions, WebSite X5 Evolution 14 offers programming novices outstanding features and fabulous results regarding the presentation of websites, blogs and online shops. Every customer's wish of new and innovative features, countless responsive templates and modern effects will be fulfilled by the easy to use and up to date tool for a modern website. To sum up, WebSite X5 Evolution 14 is a reliable and recommendable replacement for their established software to a carefree construction of websites, blogs and online shops.


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