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Optimize your Slow PC for better performance

SLOW-PCfighter 2.1.16 DownloadMix-Wertung

SLOW-PCfighter 1.4.95
The fighter against slowness

As everybody knows, there are two main reasons for the noticeable slowness of the computer. On the one hand this is a faulty and bloated registry, which so to speak forces the system to follow even faulty entries and to consume valuable system resources. On the other hand, too many programs are loaded to the main memory via the auto start function, simultaneously with the system start. Not only does this decelerate the system start, it also consumes important system resources as the programs occupy storage space although they are only used a few times per year. I’ve already presented some programs that deal with this behavior. And I don’t want to omit the SLOW-PCfighter, since I consider it to be easy to operate and therefore particularly suitable for PC-amateurs. The program comes from the well-known SPAMfighter Company, which – as the name suggests – has become renowned by its anti-spam program. Please read my review on the SLOW-PCfighter 1.4.95.

Scan, analyze, clean
Immediately after installation, which by the way is possible in all common languages, you can see that the SLOW-PCfighter attaches great importance on user-friendliness and ease of operation. In the middle of the start screen you see a large button marked “Start error scan”. Right below the general PC status is displayed. I clicked, as probably most of the users will do, on the “Scan for errors” button. The scanner instantly started its work and searched my registry for faulty entries, incomplete de-installations, false ActiveX entries etc. And what I saw nearly made me keel over. A total of 994 invalid entries were found on my computer. Furthermore, the PC’s health was set to bad. Sure, I install numerous programs for professional reasons; however, I also use a good un-installer, which cleans the system afterwards. At least that’s what I thought. The SLOW-PCfighter clearly showed the gaps I now have to fill. The cleaning as such is a breeze and is started with another click.

Useful tools ‘Useful tools’ is the category of the SLOW-PCfighter where I can not only view but also edit my auto start list. Here you see all the programs that are loaded to the main memory on system start. Clicking the tick in front of the respective program entry and saving this change removes the program from the auto start. The list entries, however, are kept. So if you decide otherwise you can enable the tick again.

SLOW-PCfighter is a fighter against PC-slowness. The focus is on registry- and auto start entries. The program is very easy to operate and therefore particularly suitable for PC-amateurs who want to clean the system from faulty entries. The large number of errors found on my system came as a surprise to me. So if you are looking for an easy-to-operate registry cleaner, which can also manage the auto start entries, the SLOW-PCfighter will do a good job. The current version is available for free download at (Axel Gerken)


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