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Realistic coral reef aquarium to your computer screen

Sim Aquarium Full Package 3.8.B68 DownloadMix-Wertung

Dive into a fascinating underwater world

I have to admit that I have always been fascinated by aquariums. Especially seawater aquariums have always exerted an almost irresistible attraction towards me. Whether it is the colorfulness or the variety of different creatures, I cannot say exactly. However, I have been interested in this since early childhood. It has been quite a while since I last owned a freshwater aquarium and a seawater aquarium does not fit in my budget. And now I came across this fascinating screensaver that caught my interest with its beautiful preview pictures. Does this screensaver really keep what the preview pictures promise? Find it out now in my review about Sim AQUARIUM 3.1.

A virtual aquarium
Right after the installation you will be directed onto the settings window. Already at this point you will be enchanted by Caribbean underwater colors. On the left side of the settings menu there is wide selection of fish and invertebrates, such as starfish. The number of animals which will be displayed in the screensaver be set here using a sliding controller. In the middle of the settings window you can switch to the aquarium. Here two beautiful aquariums are available. They contain numerous colorful corals and anemones. Alternatively, you can also choose a black background or an aquarium without corals. In the last two the fish will be the main attraction.

Advanced settings can be adjusted directly above the aquariums. Among these are the wave speed settings which are displayed in the upper part. Furthermore, users can decide on the intensity of sunbeams in the water which create a nearly realistic play of shadows on bottom of the virtual sea. Even the plankton swimming the water and bubbles that come up from the bottom can be regulated. One really gets the feeling that there is nothing that cannot be adjusted here.

Under the menu item Display the screen resolution can be changed and other details, e.g. an anemone swaying in the water, can be activated or deactivated. If your PC has little memory, you can decide to have less animated elements so that you don’t have to miss out on this fantastic screensaver.

The menu item Settings lets you add a certain something to your screensaver. Even camera panning can be adjusted here. Just imagine this: While your screensaver is running and it is not static but the view of the aquarium looks like a camera shot in which the camera turns into different directions und zooms into certain scenes in the virtual aquarium. Furthermore, you can even switch to true 3D display. Unfortunately, I didn’t have suitable glasses to be able to enjoy this effect. Another beautiful effect, which was integrated by the developers of Sim AQUARIUM, are virtual air bubbles which follow the mouse. That looks really cool.

You might have recognized my enthusiasm when reading this review. The screensaver Sim AQUARIUM really won me over. It offers the best adjustment possibilities that I have ever in a aquarium screensaver. In my opinion all fish and their swimming movements look very realistic and are wonderful to watch. The camera panning through the seawater aquarium is enchanting, especially because it can even be directed by the user. The only thing which might still require improvement is the representation of the corals and anemones. Nevertheless, in my opinion it still is the best screensaver which provides a view into a fantastic underwater world. Therefore, it gets a “Highly Recommendable” from me. The latest version is now available to download on And for all bargain hunters, the live time version is now available with an amazing discount of 60%. Have fun diving into a fantastic world. ( Axel Gerken, translation by Marion Schäfer)


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