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Nitro PDF, Inc.

The only free PDF reader that lets you create too.

Nitro PDF Reader
The new PDF all-rounder

Today PDF documents are practically ubiquitous. These very convenient documents can be opened and read with many free PDF readers. However, all these readers easily reach their limits, if you would like to do more with them, for example converting a PDF document into an editable text file again or taking parts of a text to use it in word processing. This is impossible for the known PDF readers such as Adobe Reader®. The company Nitro PDF Pty Ltd. describe themselves as „real PDF fanatics“ and now they released a new PDF all-rounder. The free PDF reader provides many functions that other readers are missing. Read my review on Nitro PDF Reader here.

PDF Reader without the usual restrictions
The installation of the program is quick. At first startup a “welcome document” shortly introduces the most important functions. Among those is also QuickSign® with which you can quickly add your scanned signature to the PDF file. This way the PDF document is signed electronically. With this function the signature can be placed anywhere in the PDF file. After confirming the position of the signature, it cannot be changed or removed from the document. The signature can be password-protected, in order to prevent misuse by other users. Furthermore, the PDF software offers great web browser integration. This means that you can also open and read PDF files directly out of your web browser such as Chrome, Firefox or IE. This function is also offered by other major manufacturers of PDF readers. Nevertheless, this just belongs to a PDF all-rounder. Teamwork is also supported well with several functions. In a jiffy sticky notes can be added anywhere within a document. If you would like to add additional information to contract documents for example, these sticky notes are just great for this. Every single note also includes the author who added the note. I really like this and it spares me the deciphering of illegible handwritings. With the function “Add text to pages“ it is now possible to directly write text into a PDF document and easily save it.

Anything else? At this point I would like to mention the PDF converter. The latest version of the Nitro PDF Reader offers an integrated converter. This function can be used as an additional “stand-alone function“. If you would like to convert files from applications such as Microsoft® Office, WordPerfect as well as HTML files, text files or graphics into a PDF document, that’s no problem for this all-rounder. The conversion doesn’t only work into the PDF direction, but also into the opposite direction. PDF documents can be converted into editable text, too.

The Nitro PDF Reader ticks all the right boxes and Adobe Reader® with its limited function range will certainly have to come up with a lot more, in order to uphold its supremacy. Nirto PDF Reader shines with many useful functions and is perfectly easy to use. The PDF all-rounder receives a “definitely recommendable“ from me. The program is free and the latest version is available on (Axel Gerken, translation by Marion Schäfer)


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