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Scale an image without changing important visual content such as people, buildings, animals, etc

iResizer 3.0 DownloadMix-Wertung

Rescale images without distorting them
There are many applications available for photo editing. This kind of software is especially interesting and important for amateur photographers that do not only want to save their photos on a hard disk, but also subsequently process their photos. For many image editing programs a wide range of functions is particularly important. For a few years, however, there is a trend of a few specialist applications that limit themselves only to a few functions and made it to the top of the download charts. In this context I would like to present the current version iResizer to you. In a sensational way this application resizes digital photos (rescaling) in a way that the actual motif or rather the content will not be distorted or lost. You can now read my review on iResizer 2.4. here.

Usually when adjusting the size of images, all picture elements (also called pixels) are treated equally. This means that if the size of an image is being adjusted, all areas are proportionally reduced in size. The iResizer works differently. This software mainly concentrates on the areas of the image that do not contain important contents. Without further ado I installed the software for my test. The setup and program itself are available in German and English. As a sample I used a holiday photo once again.

I would like to make the photo smaller, but keep the important persons in the photo and remove non-relevant elements or persons from the picture. The iResizer quickly loads my photo and then provides a red and green button each. Areas, persons and also animals on the picture that I want to have removed can be coloured in red. Those areas are therefore being marked as insignificant. Areas that are marked or rather coloured green must be retained. The desired stroke width can be easily adjusted with slider.

I then coloured the appropriate areas in my holiday photo. In the next step I was asked to specify the size of the new image. Therefore, I use the function “Change size“ and changed the preset size from 1920x1080 pixels to 800x600 pixels. The iResizer started editing instantly and created a new image with specified size. The result was amazing. For comparison I also used the same photo and rescaled it to the same size, but without marking areas. There is no comparison. Without iResizer the edited photo just could not be used.

Advantages / features of iResizer:
* Change the space between main objects in photos
* Accurately remove unwanted objects from photos
* Change the aspect ratio
* Resize complete photos for Instagram without cropping
* Easy to use, no prior knowledge necessary

The iResizer, a specialist among the image processing programs, is totally committed to rescaling, but at the same time retaining the essential elements in a photo. It just is an amazing tool. The usage is very easy even without prior knowledge. In my opinion all functions are clearly arranged and the iResizer really achieves great results. Personally, I found another great tool to edit my holiday photos. Therefore the iResizer receives a “highly recommendable“ from me and the free trial is a now available for you to download. (Axel Gerken)


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