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Powerful screen recorder for capturing video with sound and taking screenshots.

Icecream Screen Recorder 5.10 DownloadMix-Wertung

A recorder for videos and images of the screen

Sometimes descriptions are not enough when reporting a computer problem to support staff. Then an image or little video can help. Providing screen contents has become quite common even away from the office. Therefore it is important to have a suitable application at hand. Today I would like to present to you a new company called Icecream with their application Screen Recorder. This tool is great for making screenshots or videos with sound. You can read my review on Icecream Screen Recorder here now.
The installation is very straightforward and for me with the German translations all functions could be understood easily. After starting the application for the first time it immediately becomes evident that the developers concentrated on the essentials such as creating screenshots and videos. The function called "Screenshot" allows you to take photos of your screen. After selecting the function you can mark the area you would like to capture from top right to bottom left with your mouse. Directly after that a small menu with additional functions opens on top of the screenshot. There you can for example customize the size of the screenshot via pixel values or select a default size afterwards. Furthermore comments can be added to the selected area or parts can be highlighted with a virtual pencil. For additional information to stand out you can choose colours from a comprehensive colour palette. Another click on the "Screenshot" function saves the shot taken with or without additional information.

Immediately after saving the screenshot the main window opens with a list of all screenshots together with respective file names and path names. In addition to that you could also delete single images or videos using the recycle bin icon.

Recording a video works in a similar manner only that the "Record video" function instead of the "Screenshot" function has to be selected. Then also an area must be selected that will then be captured as video. Then the area can be customized and after that the recording starts after a countdown of about 3 seconds. However, the video function of the free version is limited to a 10-minute recording. This is certainly enough time when trying the tool.

Features of the Icecream Screen Recorder:
* Easy recording of screen contents as screenshot or video
* Post-editing by adding texts or with graphical tools
* Control via hotkeys
* Up-to-date design and easy usage

The Icecream Screen Recorder is an up-to-date tool to create screenshots and videos of screen contents that can be edited and then be shared with others afterwards. The tool is great for capturing error messages or faults on the screen and then to send it to support staff for them to better understand the problem. I think that this application is "highly recommendable". You can download the Screen Recorder free on Have fun trying the application. Axel Gerken


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