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Turn your Windows-based Netbook, Tablet PC or Home Computer into a lifestyle device that looks great

FrontFace 2 2.6.1 DownloadMix-Wertung

A new look for Windows

FrontFace 2 is a visually attractive and extremely easy-to-use Windows interface. It gives the default Windows interface a completely new look. The Windows operating system was developed for computer use and operation with mouse and keyboard. New devices such as notebooks, tablet PCs or all-in-one PCs on the other hand require a totally different type of user interface. FrontFace 2 offers a visually appealing and very easy-to-use interface without the average computer user having to do a great deal of adjustment. However, the compatibility between existing Windows functions is absolutely guaranteed. I have had a closer look at the current version by mirabyte GmbH & Co. KG and you can read my review on FrontFace 2 now.

FrontFace is not only suitable for tablet PCs or all-in-one PCs. If you are looking for an appealing and easy-to-use user interface for your home computer, you can perfectly use this tool, too. On my notebook FrontFace 2 ran immediately and without loss of performance that I was particularly happy about. Right after installing a frame in carbon look covered the upper and right area of the desktop. On the right there are control elements and functions for FrontFace 2. Other skins such as brushed aluminium, leather or wood are also available. Every skin has its own charm. If desired, Windows can still be operated as usual with FrontFace 2. As I was quite interested in apps, I tried those, too. With a click of a button only a transparent frame with all available apps is shown on the desktop. This looks amazing! These apps can be arranged as favourites and can be expanded as desired with the market. Similar to the app store market offers additional and also useful applications. This does not have the same scale, but offers a surprisingly good selection.

If you want to bring a new fresh look to your desktop or your start screen, FrontFace 2 is the perfect choice. The desktop or rather FrontFace start page can be easily launched with a click on the ŇhouseŇ on the right frame. By clicking the button with the plus symbol you can access the settings of the start page. A transparent grid that virtually lies on top of the desktop provides guidance for the layout of widgets. A widget is a small application that runs within the framework of the operating system. FrontFace 2 offers for example a clock, calendar, launcher and also the latest news. The widgets can be placed accurately and also can be easily removed from the grid. It has never been easier to jazz up my desktop. Everything could be operated intuitively and I have not read a sentence of the help manual yet. I think that is great.

FrontFace 2 fully supports multi-tasking and with a few navigation buttons that were placed on the sleek carbon frame you can switch between different applications, close them or open the upper frame for other functions or apps.

I have actually seen and tried a lot of desktop extensions. Only a few are still installed on my computer. FrontFace 2 easily manages to combine new functions from additional apps with existing Windows functions on a new and up-to-date user interface. The program receives a "highly recommendable" from me. It can be tried free for 14 days and the current version is now available on Have fun testing FrontFace 2. (Axel Gerken)


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