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Compress PowerPoint, Word & Excel file size by up to 98% without zipping them!

FILEminimizer Office 7.0 DownloadMix-Wertung

balesio FILEminimizer Office minimizes PowerPoint Presentations, Word documents and Excel files!

Very often Office files are too big for sending them via email. They are filling the mailbox, the servers and the networks which causes long load time. To solve this problems you can use the FILEminimizer Office which has an efficient compression of almost 98%. This application uses an intelligent compression technology for PowerPoint, Word and Excel which keeps the original format and preserves the quality.

Highlights of the FILEminimizer Office
· Compression of Office files up to 98%
· Also supports the compression of older Microsoft Office files
· Compression of StarOffice and OpenOffice files which were saved in Microsoft
· Keeping the original format without unzipping
· Pack & Go for the One Click email dispatch for optimized Office files
· Search assistent for finding all Office files on computer or in network
· Add-ins for Outlook and Lotus Notes for the automatically compression before dispatch
· More add-ins for PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Windows Explorer
· Compact edition for the directly use with CD or USB stick without installation
· Batch Processing for the simultaneously optimizing of different files through Drag & Drop

Optimizing files

After starting the program you can see a compact and with that a clear surface. To optimize files you can load them via the files menu or by clicking on the opening button. But using Drag & Drop in the upper part of the window is much easier.
After loading the file the first button (Open files) splits in two, now called Add and Delete.

Beneath the buttons you can choose where you want to save your files and how much compression the files need. With one short click on the button “Optimize files” the work is already done. Also this button can be used without loading files before. In that case the Windows files manager opens and documents can be selected. After a short confirmation the optimizing starts.

Optimizing and dispatching

Also there is a button which causes that the files will be send automatically after the optimizing. This option is available without loading the documents before as well.

Here the previous and new size of an word document with pictures is shown with its reduction in percent. The button “Sending files via mail” generates an email with the document as content. To make sure that this is working, the MAPI of the mail program is used. If necessary, this must be adjusted for the specific mail client.


In the lower part of the window the strength of the compression can be regulated on a slide control. Handy: for every stage of compression there is an question mark symbol. Using the mouse without clicking a tool tip appears which explains what exactly happens. When the slide control is on the right edge another buttons appears which is called “User-defined”. By clicking this button another window opens.

Now the stage of compression can be individually adjusted for every format. The adjustments for PDF, pictures and ZIP are greyed out because they are available with the more extensive FILEminimizer-Suite. All the stages of compression are also available via the “Options” in the menu above.


Under „Options“ the global and mail adjustments can be found. For example: documents nestled in mails can be reduced always if you want. This saves a lot of memory space but the documents cannot be edited because they are finished as screenshots.

For the reduction of nestled objects there are the options „Ask always“, „Reduce never“ and „Reduce always“. To recognize reduced files any text can be defined and added to the ending of the file´s name.

In the settings for the mails the annexes can be excluded from the optimizing.

When you want only particular file sizes to be optimized you can use the soft and hard quota to adjust exactly the sizes you wish. Also the kind of compression can be choosed here and any text can be shown when the quota is reached.

Add-ins for PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Windows Explorer

After installation the FILEminimizer is integrated as an add-in in Word, Excel, Powerpoint and the Windows Explorer.

This can be quite handy for optimizing directly from Word, for example. In Windows Explorer the FILEminimizer can be directly used by using the right mouse click.

Language and help

The upper menu also offers the section „Language“. Available options are: English, German, France, Spanish, Italian and „Automatic“.

The website of FILEminizer Office can be opened by clicking on „Content“ (in menu “Help”) where all questions will find an answer. Additional information can be found there as well.

Final comment

FILEminimizer Office is a useful tool for fast and comfortable compression of older and newer Office files. Handy is the integration as an add-in in the Microsoft programs. For example: optimizing is working directly from Word. The performance of the software is as good as the compression it does. The easy way to handle and the attractive prize makes this software interesting for every user of Windows.


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