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Affordable Disk Management Software

EASEUS Partition Master
The hard disk drive specialist

As you know, the hard disc drive is one of the most important parts of a computer or laptop. Sincethe operating system Windows unfortunately only offers a few functions for hard disc drive management, there are many developers for this kind of software that try to close that gap with free programs or shareware software. I would like to present a hard disc drive specialist here. It is available as free home version as well as a professional version that has to be purchased. The program is named EASEUS Partition Master and was developed by the Chinese company “CHENGDU YIWO Tech Development Co., Ltd.”. The Chinese are also entering the software market to some extent with very good programs. Read my test review of the EASEUS Partition Master Professional here.

Juggling with hard disc drives
DGenerally the hard disc drive specialist EASEUS Partition Master accomplishes three tasks. It does not only create and manage hard disc drives, but it is also able to repair faulty partitions on hard disk drives. An important difference between this and Windows’ own hard drive manager is that the EASEUS Partition Master does not work destructively. This means that changes in partitions can be undone without damaging existing data. In this review I would like to expand on one of the main functions of the English-speaking program. This function involves the increase of a system’s own partition. This, as I think aningenious function, has in addition to problem solving also a positive performance effect. Those who have ever worked with a nearly full system drive know how annoying those constant messages in the system tray are and how noticeably slow the system runs at that point. Before I can increase my hard drive C, I need free disc space available in a different place, for example on another hard disc drive. The main screen clearly lists all hard drives. In the upper part the disc space allocation is shown graphically. Now I activate the hard drive D with one click and then I drag the right margin of the free disc space to the left with the mouse in order to decrease this area. This way the hard drive space on the hard drive D is decreased and for now the newly created space is defined as “unallocated”. Now I drag that space into the area between the two hard drives C and D. Then I can activate the hard drive C and drag the right frame onto the grey unallocated area. Then, like magic, on the hard drive C enough disc space is available again. This function, which is noteworthy in itself, can be carried out completely with the mouse. I’m thrilled.

What’s more?
This hard disc drive specialist offers next to the described function also many other partition management functions. Hence you can create, delete, format, join, separate, move and copy partitions as well as adjustthe size of partitions with the EASEUS Partition Master. Additionally, there is a tool for hiding a whole partition and therefore reliably hide data from prying eyes. The creation of bootable discs is also in the toolbox of the EASEUS Partition Master.

The EASEUS Partition Master is a very good all-in-one solution for hard disc drive management and provides you with everything that you need for managing your partitions. The current version runs on 32-bit and 64-bit systems. The program offers a broad variety of tools for beginners as well as experienced users. The very clear and simple interface adds to the positive overall impression. The current and free Home Edition can be downloaded on DownloadMix.de. The Professional Edition is now available in the Software-Abo. (Axel Gerken, translation Marion Deppermann)


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