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Reliable burning program for CD, DVD, Blu-ray

Ashampoo Burning Studio 16 16.0.7 DownloadMix-Wertung

Burning in 2016

The new Ashampoo Burning Studio 16 will become the burning application of 2016. In a couple of days it will be available to download. I have already had the chance to take an initial look at the latest version and I would like to present it to you today. The smaller setup file of version 16 is particularly noteworthy. It was a remarkable idea by Ashampoo for all users with small bandwidth and limited disk space. This means you get comprehensive burning tool functions that take up only 75 MB. For those who prefer high resolution the user interface is now also available in 4K (Ultra HD). I have had a closer look at the latest version. You can read my review on Ashampoo Burning Studio 16 here now.

The Burning Studio application has been given a new design in version 16. The icons for different functions are coloured again which I personally prefer. If you want a different background than the default one, you can change the applications appearance in the start window. There you can upload new background images and also create your own designs. Among the main functions of the new Burning Studio 16 are burning data, creating and restoring backups, music, movies and slideshows as well as creating covers and functions for copying discs including the creation of disc images. The new cover designer is particularly interesting. It allows you to create a mosaics cover for your own play lists of different artists. Just by clicking your mouse you can view different mosaics designs that can be printed afterwards. This is an excellent function for customizing your personal music collection.

In the new Burning Studio 16 burning only takes a few steps. CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray discs are easily created. After clicking on "Burn data" I selected the option "New data disc". After that I could add the respective files to the selection using Drag&Drop and after that I could burn them on different discs.

The 4K capable user interface, the improved selection for write and read settings, the new cover editor that can create mosaics and a table of contents on the cover of data discs are some improvements of the version 16. If your data take up more space than would fit onto a disc, version 16 automatically splits larger volumes of data to easily fit on several discs. New functions make the so-called disc spanning more convenient so that when there is a faulty disc not all discs need to be burned again. The Burning Studio memorizes when a faulty disc that could not be written on or a burning process could not be finished. Then the burning process can be started again exactly from that point. In the new version many wishes by users have been implemented again. Furthermore it contains many application-wide improvements that account for a recognizable higher performance and an improved usage.

Functions of the Ashampoo Burning Studio 16:
* Burning & copying of data to burnable discs (incl. M-Disk support)
* Extract and burn your music
* Cover designer with new mosaics function
* Improved write and read settings for all burning processes
* 4K user interface for the first time

The new Ashampoo Burning Studio 16 has been improved especially with its usability and new functions. To my mind its special design, its remarkably easy handling and versatile use turn it into a burning application role model for other developers. It is fun to work with the beautiful interface and create personal data discs. I absolutely recommend the new Ashampoo Burning Studio 16. In an advance sale till December 6th 2015 the Ashampoo Burning Studio 16 is available with a 60% discount. Have fun with the new burning application. Axel Gerken


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