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Das Programm erlaubt Newsreadern das "yEnc" decodieren

Author's program description
yProxy is the most popular yEnc Decoder plugin on the market. If you're new to newsgroups, no doubt you're new to decoding yEnc files - such as pics, mp3, video and software. yProxy is a simple plugin that works seamlessly with every newsreader and news server. yProxy decodes yEnc messages in real time for you, so you can keep using your existing newsreader program. It includes a wizard for configuring Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, and Mozilla Thunderbird, so you don't have to do any programming that other yEnc decoder software requires.

Plus, with yProxy, you're getting the only official and yEnc compliant yEnc Decoder plugin available!

Editorial program description
Mit dieser Software lassen sich binäre Newsreader so manipulieren, dass sie das neue yEnc-Format beim Dekodieren von binären Attachments aus dem Usenet unterstützen. Getestet wurde das Programm mit Microsoft Outlook Express, Netscape Mail und dem Forte Free Agent.

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