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Benefit from your first-class contacts!

Author's program description
At the first ring TAPICall automatically opens the corresponding contact sheet of the caller in Microsoft Outlook. This way you get immediate access to all data relevant to the conversation.

The add-in TAPICall4 is running in the background during the use of Outlook 2000/XP/2003/2007 . When a call is coming in, the fitting contact is opened in Outlook because of the software recognizing the phone number of the caller:
Even before you answer the call, you can see all contact data and all important notes about the person who calls, so you are optimally prepared. If you use an Exchange server, TAPICall4 searches through your personal contact data in a matter of split-seconds. If the person calling is not in your personal contact data, the software will search the public contacts. By doing this, you will be able to see what your colleagues have written down. Then you can add your own comments.

If the person is neither in the personal nor the public database, a new entry is automatically generated with the incoming phone number already entered. The information you now enter will be automatically shown the next time this person calls. Additionally, TAPICall4 generates a journal entry in Outlook and creates a clearly arranged list of incoming calls.

Pre-condition for the use of TAPICall4 merely is a telephone system, ISDN-card or a telephone with TAPI interface. Almost all modern telephone systems make this interface available.

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