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SGS VideoCapture is a powerful video recording program

Author's program description
SGS VideoCapture is an easy to use and powerful video recording program. It is designed to be very intuitive to use, giving you the ability to capture screen and webcam activities to standard AVI video files. If you move the cursor on your screen, launch any program, type some text, click buttons or select menus - anything you see on the screen - it will record all these activities.

With this program, you can create demo videos that record what's happening on your PC desktop screen, from your webcam or video input devices. It is the excellent tool to make software demonstrations, develop videos for training and tutoring.

Here are just a few ways you can use this software:
* Create demonstration videos for any software program
* Create a set of videos answering your most FAQ
* Create video tutorials for school or college class
* Record a recurring problem with your computer to show technical support staff
* Create video-based information products you can sell
* etc.

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