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Martin Neumann

Internet Redialer? For what is that good?

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Internet Redialer? For what is that good?

Redialer = reconnecting tools are programs, that automatically set up an internet connection after a disconnect happens.

These programs are used for example with flatrates, because some internet provider disconnect after 24 hours.

Runs under all Windows systems (Win9x, Winme, Win2000, WinXP, WinNT) with modem / ISDN / DSL. Works with normal dialup network connections and/or with the AOL - software.

However, this program can still more:
- Speed indicator (KB/s up and down)
- Average traffic reports (KB/s up and down)
- Shows the number of the received and transmitted bytes
- Shows the number of the received and transmitted MBytes
- Shows the own IP and the server IP
- Shows all other IP´s
- Simulation of a dial up connection via trayicon, f.e. for AOL users
- Online-statistics (Times, average speed ...)
- Automatical hiding of another window (for example AOL)
- Saving of systemresources while hiding
- Online-statistics and logs can be exported as a HTML-page
- Language selection with one click (available in three languages)
- After successful connecting, automatically starts of 4 other programs
- Inspection of the internet connection in combination with ping or on the basis of incoming data transfer
- Automatically disconnecting possibility after a specific time
- Automatically disconnecting, windows-shutdown, windows-restart,... at specific times
- Email sending with actual ip-address after rconnect
- FTP-file upload with actual ip-address after rconnect
- Automatic refreshing of DynIP-Accounts
- Network / Remote-Control for the redialer
- XP-Style (only under WINXP)

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