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AntiBrowserSpy 2015 Review
Version: 2015 English
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Stops web browsers from spying you

Editorial rating

Spying prevention for your web browser

While surfing the internet, a browser leaves different types of data. That is very well known. These data are often used for statistical evaluations by website providers. And recently we learnt that also some governments are very interested in our data. Whether it is the Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or others, they all transfer information on our surfing behaviour without our knowledge. The program AntiBrowserSpy 2014 ends this kind of espionage and virtually puts a stop to it. I have had a closer look at the current version. You can read my review on AntiBrowserSpy 2014 here.

The initial window with its up-to-date look is very clearly arranged and reveals at first glance that the overall status of my current internet settings is only 40% safe. Furthermore, information on the activity of the anti-spying settings, such as StealthBrowser and the Social Network Blocks, is also available. Basically, the anti-spying function is designed to make your browser safer and protect you. Additional functions displayed as icons of different browsers allow users to adjust browser specific settings and stop the collection of system data. Furthermore, you can also prevent cookies from being saved by adjusting those settings. If you are not sure about all settings in detail, I recommend selecting the option Set browser features to preset values. Then your browser will not supply governments with your data anymore in the future.

The newly reworked StealthBrowser tool in the AntiBrowserSpy 2014 prevents users of browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome, from being recognized due to IP address or other system data. This feature can be quickly enabled and also disabled again. However, not every Internet provider allows logging on using stealth. If you like, you can set the BrowserStealth to be active with every launch of your system.

Another feature that I would like to mention are the Social Block add-ons. Although we live in a social media age, not everybody want their data to be supplied to Facebook and Co. Very often it is enough to just open a website with your browser to transfer those data to Facebook. If you do not want your data to be sent unintentionally, you can prevent this with the Social Block add-ons for your respective web browser.

Functions / new features of the AntiBrowserSpy 2014
- NEW: Completely new version of the program
- NEW: New user-friendly interface
- NEW: SociaBlock add-ons for Facebook
- NEW: Modified, user-friendly task planning for backup / cleanup
- NEW: Optimized BrowserStealth
- NEW: Support of additional browser settings

The new AntiBrowserSpy 2014 comes in a beautiful, modern design and is very easy to use. The security settings for the respective browser can be adjusted with just a few clicks so that you can safely surf the internet again. Additional add-ons make sure that data collectors such as Facebook have no chance any more. The program receives a highly recommendable from me. The test version can be tested free for up to 30 days. The full version can be purchased with a 30% discount for a limited time on DownloadMix. Axel Gerken

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