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AllMyNotes Organizer - the easiest app to organize all your Notes organized on your PC.

Author's program description
Not only notes! It's a handy tool for everyday use - diary, project-management, planner, contact-management, secure password management, and much more!

With AllMyNotes Organizer all your valuable data is stored secure , secured by password, in a single, encoded local file, and notes can be grouped into a customizable outline hierarchy of folders.

Where do you usually keep all your access codes, passwords, random ideas, secret notes, reminders, phones and hyperlinks. Feel yourself helpless in tons of papers, stickers, and tiny text files? Now, there is answer! A great outliner for organizing random information!

It's the best solution of instruments for keeping diaries, documents, memories, journal, hyperlinks, contacts, ideas, quotes, passwords, goals, access info, and unlimited any other things.

Major features: Instant Find across all notes, an Enhanced and yet sophisticated Text Editor, safe data keeping, data Access Restriction with Password, a Password Generator, Icons, Reminders, Spreadsheets, To-Do Lists, Free-form tree organization, Automatic-Backups, UI Skins, Multilingual, Import + Export.

Nearly impossible to define every possible usage ways for this application, go ahead, try it, be convinced - everybody can find a valuable use of this app!

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