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Thomas Holz

Do you often use e-mail? Then you do need ReplyButler!

Author's program description
How often did you write "Dear Mr. ..." and added a few sentences that were basically the same as usual? Why bother with repetitive things? Thats what ITSTH thought and created the ReplyButler, an add-on for Microsoft Word that saves a lot of annoying typing. Directly after the first click on the Outlook-Button "Reply" it becomes clear how convenient this can be. ReplyButler automatically recognizes name, language and style of the e-mail and prepares an answer with the same features. It is remarkable how reliable the software recognizes the name of the e-mail sender and addresses him correctly. (Depending of the situation with his first or last name and of course with a suitable greeting phrase.) The second feature is useful to everyone who uses Outlook at work. Especially here you often have similar situations that require similar e-mails (e.g. "please find enclosed..."). You can store these text modules in ReplyButler which makes it very easy to organize them and later paste them into your e-mails.

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