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3-PC - Converting videos and movies per click

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Now as 3-PC version!

Bring your videos to the right format! SuperEasy Video Converter 2 converts DVDs, videos and movies of most different formats directly to that format, which you require for your device. Even better, it downloads videos from the Internet, e.g. from Youtube and converts them straightforwardly to the required format.

Functions at a glance
* Easy-to-operate GUI
* Fast video conversion without perceptible loss in quality
* Acquisition of DVD videos (incl. single chapters), video files and flash files from Internet platforms as source of conversion Store music and sounds from DVDs, movies, advertising spots, videos and Internet platforms like Youtube
* Integrated preview of material to be converted
* Information- and feature display of material to be converted
* Latest compression technologies Decoder for reading all common video formats and rare formats

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  • SuperEasy Video Converter 2: Various performance

    When I started to use it was fine, after some updates it was getting unreliable.
    written by hcsaba01

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