FrontFace 2 Version: 2.6.1 Program language English

mirabyte GmbH & Co. KG
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Windows 8 Windows 7 Vista 64-Bit Vista
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Turn your Windows-based Netbook, Tablet PC or Home Computer into a lifestyle device that looks great

Editorial rating

Author's program description
FrontFace 2 is a visually appealing, super-easy to use application which extends and enhances the Windows user interface while maintaining full compatibility with existing Windows applications. With FrontFace, even total newbies can work hassle-free with a Windows PC while experienced users appreciate the ergonomic, touch-optimized user interface that works perfectly for All-in-One and Tablet PCs with touchscreen. But using FrontFace is also fun on any normal Windows PC or Laptop/Notebook with mouse and keyboard!

FrontFace is perfect for quickly accessing applications (including Web apps), surfing the Web and for keeping up-to-date with status information from the Social Web (RSS, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) on Netbooks and Tablets.

Features of FrontFace:
* Optimized for small screens (Netbooks) and touch screen devices (e.g. Tablet PCs)
* Start page with configurable widgets
* Support for all "normal" Windows applications, Multitasking and Easy app switching
* Application launcher
* Access to Windows Start Menu and Desktop Shortcuts
* Web Applications
* FrontFace Apps
* Integrated Web Browser
* Device Status and Device Control
* 100% Compatibility with all Windows Applications
* Custom UI Skin and Colors
* E-Mail Notification Application
* RSS/Twitter Reader Application
* Notification Center

Editorial program description

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